Album Title: 
Pelon Juuret
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 9, 2013
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Even though Unkind without a doubt are crust metal, it is not a complete sound-inferno that awaits me here, but surprisingly differentiated stuff. Sure, at times they are crashing through the Finnish lake district with a vengeance, but they don't only destroy everything, but do real songs. What makes Unkind differ from the rest of the crust horde is the fact that they put more emphasis on variety, musically as vocally. Crunchy and fast attacks meet melodic songs, hefty screeching goes hand in hand with growling vocals, in the course of the CD somehow the names Doom, Terveet Kadet, Neurosis, Cavity, Tussler Society, Mogwai,…came to my mind, but without having the Finnish sound like any of these bands.