Valient Thorr

Album Title: 
Our Own Masters
Release Date: 
Friday, June 14, 2013
Review Type: 

Valient Thorr come from North Carolina and were founded in 2000. Although they had been very busy and Our Own Masters is already their sixth album, I wasn't familiar with their music so far. But listening to the twelve songs on the new record has been a positive experience. Valient Thorr are a punk'n'metal band that sounds like a crossbreed of Zen Guerilla, Baroness and Pennywise The melodic component plays an important role in most Thorr's songs. They really have a sense to write raw catchy melodies or choruses. The opener “Immaculate Consumption” sounds like a Fatso Jetson track, only played a bit more in an old school hardcore way.  Apart from the slightly boring “Insatiable” there is no weak track on the record. It’s hard to pick any highlights, because most of the songs follow the same pattern without falling into boredom territory, as Valient Thorr are more than cable songwriters who complement the strong guitar work with enough melodies, and the slight mosh elements on “Master Collider” hint at Billy Milano's MOD.

VT have managed to come up with an ambitious album where not only the music is up to par, but also the humorous component is absolutely satisfying. Our Own Masters is a sure remedy against every lame party.