Vanity Blvd

Album Title: 
Wicked Temptation
Release Date: 
Saturday, February 8, 2014
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Vocals: Anna Savage

Guitar: Traci Trexx

Bass: Pete Ash

Drums: Gebb

The Swedish Lita Ford is born under the name ‘Anna Savage’.

What a great album with ten kick-ass rock and roll songs on it! ‘Dirty Rat’: The first song is spot on! A very cool riff and chorus. ‘Do Or Die’: A very powerfull song with heavy drum pounding. There’s a ballad on the album called ‘Falling Down’: A typical eighties glam metal ballad with a modern twist to it. The song that stands out the most for me is ‘Thrills In The Night’ with an awesome bassline and powerfull guitar riffs. The production seems pretty good. A great solid album with some great songs on it that sound like the eighties glam music. The band has listened very well to Lita Ford I guess.


01. Dirty Rat

02. Miss Dangerous

03. Do or Die

04. Hot Teaser

05. Had Enough

06. Soulshaker

07. Scream Out 

08. Thrills in the Night

09. Falling Down

10. Desperate Heart

11. Dirty Action