We Came As Romans

Album Title: 
Tracing Back Roots
Release Date: 
Friday, July 26, 2013
Review Type: 

A few years ago, a brand new band popped up amongst so many other acts who sounded just the same. Very quickly, one band really stood out and that was the American metalcore band We Came As Romans.
Although their 2009 debut album laid the foundation of their sound, the record didn't really mean the breakthrough for this band. From the second release, Understanding What We've Grown To Be, on, it was clear that it wasn't the music that made them more original than other bands, but the positive message in their songs. The fury in the screams and the holiness in the clean vocals formed the perfect mixture for a great new musical cocktail.
On Tracing Back Roots, We Came As Romans clearly had lots of space to try some new things and expand their musical influences. The opening title track sounds very heavy and the boys do what we're used of them: playing heavy metalcore music. Whereas the second song, Fade Away, isn't as heavy and even leans to a pop punk song, the third track, I Survive, sounds very experimental.

On Tracing Back Roots, We Came As Romans prove that they are a big fish in the pond of heavy music. Make sure to check them out on their upcoming European tour in October and November.