Album Title: 
Curse The Cult Of Chaos
Release Date: 
Friday, July 12, 2013
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Never give up, that’s what the German band WolfsMoon must have thinking. After 21 years and 6 albums the band is back with their 7 album ‘Curse The Cult Of Chaos’. Drummer Andreas and guitar player Gerd are the strength behind the band. Like a lot of band WolfsMoon plays typical American power metal with some thrash influences. Number …., I lost the count a few years ago!

That the guitar player and drummer the best musicians are from these band is quite obvious, you can hear them best in the mix. ‘Curse The Cult Of Chaos’ contains 12 songs. It’s become a real marathon to listen this album in one take. It’s pretty, how can I say? Boring.

Sorry guys, I hope you got a big off day during the recordings. Otherwise it’s time to get some things straight!