Yvon Serré

Album Title: 
Broche A Foin
Release Date: 
Monday, September 28, 2015
Review Type: 

Id never ever heard of this man before, and when I put this CD on, my first thoughts were that he must originate from Louisiana – USA, as his French had a strange English sound.  But the I started gathering more information and found out he’s actually from Toronto – Canada, although he was born in Ontario. While not bringing us bad music, it’s funny to hear the lyrics, if you’re used to hear regular French.  The music itself, well, it has a bit of Cheap Trick in it I guess, but also other influences. If you like this kind of French, and can deal with music that has lots of humour in it, you might like this. Major minor point of this album is it’s duration.  It clocks off at just over 30 minutes, and even for someone who grew up with vinyl, this is very short.