Raison d'Être

Raison d'Être

It would be a waste of time to invest my time on an introduction, and it would be a waste of time for you to read an extended biography / discography on Raison d’Être, probably the best known outfit by Swedish multi-talented artist Peter Andersson, active for three decades at this very moment. So I’ll skip this part. You can still search for additional information in one of the former reviews I did (links for some of them, see below) or on the Internet.

Raison d'Être

On April 10th I published another review for Raison D’Être, this time for the collaboration called XIBIPIIO – In And Out Of Experience, created with another notorious artist, Germany’s Troum (http://www.concreteweb.be/reviews/raison-dêtre-troum). It was released via Peter Andersson’s own label Yantra Atmospheres, and via Transgredient Records, a sub-division of Drone Records.

Raison d'Être (2)

On Friday the 22nd of April 2016 we did publish a review for a retrospective, a compilation of the oldest stuff by Peter Andersson’s most known project, Raison d’Être. Around the period of that release, Old Europa Café also came up with the expanded re-release edition of Metamorphyses, one of the many Raison d’Être-albums that were on Swedish, and sadly defunct Industrial-label Cold Meat Industry (in 2006, FYI).

Raison d'Être (1)

It would be a waste of time, taking too much energy from my laziness, to introduce Raison d’Être, which is probably the best known outfit by Peter Andersson. I am sort of possessed by this project as from the release of Prospectus I, though not every release that followed could totally please me. But in any case, Raison d’Être are highly influential (so are many of Peter’s outfits).

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