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It’s not because I’m lazy (at least, it’s not only because I’m lazy right now) that I am not going to write a huge introduction about this band, but you know, Varathron are so ‘huge’; they do not really need a full introduction anymore, do they? They are one of the oldest (formed at the end of the Eighties) and most influential bands from Greece (along with, let’s say, Necromantia and Rotting Christ), which I do follow as from the release of their first demo-tape, Procreation Of The Unaltered Evil.


When Swedish act Stench, with members of Tribulation, released their debut album In Putrescence at the end of 2010 (review: see update November 26th 2010, available in the Archive-section on Concreteweb), I wasn’t just surprised. I was truly charmed by these Swedes’ nasty Old School adventure. I think these guys toured a lot in mean time, but it took until now before they were about to release a new full length (there was an EP earlier this year).


Goodness...this takes me back some over a decade, to my reviewing of the Topeka, Kansas based Technical Death Metal act's sophomore album Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas, released through Relapse Records in June of 2002! Regretfully, that review is now no longer available, as due to the 2005 computer crash at ConcreteWeb headquarters, all of the site's material prior to that date is gone.

Den Saakaldte

Norway’s Den Saakaldte, named after a Ved Buens Ende-song (taken from their sole album, Written In Waters), were formed in 2006 by Michael ‘Sykelig’ Siouzios, who originates from Greece. He used to be member of one of my favourite Greek combos, Naer Mataron, before he moved over to Norway (back then he acted under the name of Morfeas), and in Norway he used to be part of Paradigma for a couple of years.


I do not think that I am exaggerating if I say that Enthroned are one of the most important names ever that hail from Belgium when it comes to (Black) Metal. I do follow them as from the very beginning (as a matter of fact, I was following most of the members’ former bands too, and then we’re talking about more than two and a half decades ago).

Ephel Duath

Italian act Ephel Duath, named after the Shadow Mountains from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth, are an eccentric, weird entity. Frontman Davide Tiso did work with several internationally well-appreciated musicians to create his former material (this time is not different, of course; see further), but still with his personal vision in mind.


Finally! I have always been ‘into’ Inferno’s Black Metal (the one from the Czech Republic), and the last effort this act did, called Black Devotion, was released in 2009; indeed, it took way too long! Shame on you, guys! But since I am a big boy, I did not cry (yet), for I was ignorantly craving for more… And now there is more to come!


Earlier this year, I reviewed the excellent third full length by Swedish act Kongh (Sole Creation, also released via Agonia), but this review does not deal with a new album but with the band’s 2007-debut. The material was originally recorded for vinyl release via Sound Devastation at Teknikkompaniet with Peter Lundin, who worked with the band afterwards as well.


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