Unfathomed Of Abyss

Unfathomed Of Abyss are a project by Kevin Price, a guy from Texas that started writing material for this solo-outlet in 2000. Kevin constantly re-adapted and re-arranged what he had created, with a final result, each time again, that did not come close to the original structures. That’s of course one of the reasons why it took almost a decade and a half to have the first album finished. Yet I prefer this kind of working, of course, instead of writing and recording stuff too hasty (commercial pulp, I call it).


Arroganz are a pretty young German band (trio) with two highly respected releases before (Burning Souls, EP 2010, and Dark And Deathless, 2011). Besides, the band performed on different festivals with bands like Demonical and Dark Funeral, and especially in their (chauvinistic) home country, they reached a status of high-acceptance.

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