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Ghost Of A Bullet

A Belgian  band coming out of the closer   with  a  4 track  EP (+intro)  and  describing themselves as “ dark , heavy, always melodic with a touch of Sludge“…. Surely gets my attention.


When, back in late 2009, LastDayHere's From Pieces Created was to be Graviton Music Services first release, my editor-in-chief (whom knows some of the people working at Graviton, as they used to work for the German offices of Roadrunner...and him working then at the Belgian offices, you know) had me listen to that album a couple of times during our updating sessions of the website, and I remember very distinctly declining the offer to do the review, because I felt the music was a bit too

Pasadena Napalm Division

Depending on what info source you consult, the origins of this badass Thrash/Hardcore Crossover band from Texas lay either in 2008, or in 2011. Personally, I don't know which to prefer. Anyway, here's the story according to the band's European label...


Essentially what you get with Colossus is another entry into the world of groove math sludge metal that is already populated by the likes of Baroness, Truckfighters, Black Tusk and Kylesa. While fanatics of that particular little niche might be the ones to get the biggest kick out of Colossus, the overall unoriginality of the album is very unfilling.

Amity In Fame

This Linz based Austrian band, today centered around lead singer Michael Bilcher, guitarist/ backing singer Filip Hörschläger, Roman Mayrhofer, and drummer Michael Kapfinger (and apparently operating both live and in the studio with guest musicians), was formed in May 2008 (then still with additional female singer Judith Schweder as extra permanent member and Wilfried Wöss as the drummer), jumped into the studio to make an acoustic version (which they promptly dubbed “Powerful Acoustic Rock

Storm Corrosion

This is the long awaited and speculated upon collaboration between Opeth guitarist Michael Akerfeldt and Porcupine Tree frontman and solo artist Steven Wilson, and considering the history, it hàs been a long time coming.

Drive Like Maria

Since I received both the single and the full album at the same moment, I found it a bit stupid to write two distinct reviews.

This is the second album by this Belgian/Dutch band, that I’d never heard of before.  To say they play hard rock wouldn’t do justice to their music.  This is much more than plain hard rock.  It’s more something in the vein of poppy stoner rock, with also hints of other genres hidden in the songs.


If the name of guitarist Mark Tremonti sounds familiar to you, then you know him from his work in Creed, or even from Alter Bridge. All I Was is his debut solo outing, and music lovers can only hope that there will be follow-up albums in the future!


Italy and metal has never really been a truthful combination. It's only Lacuna Coil that has always grasped me by the throat. And hey, what do I find here? Cayne, an Italian rock metal band with former members of Lacuna Coil. I was really waiting for this to happen, for real! I'm super curious what this will sound like. Cayne already formed in 1999, but for some reason I never really got to know of their existence. It's just only now that they say to have a solid line-up and sound.


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