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I do remember that I did end my review for Malthusian’s debut demo (which was called MMXIII; (*)) with: ‘I NEED MORE! When can we expect a full album? SOON, I hope!’ Okay, to be honest, I did not remember this anymore – I just read it again a couple of minutes ago – but that is of no importance, haha. But I did mean it back then. I was craving for more, much more. Apparently, this Irish band had an EP in 2015 (Below The Hengiform, also via Invictus Productions), but it never crossed my path, unfortunately.


I was quite surprised, but I did listen two or three times to Reverie’s debut album Bliss before I noticed that the members involved are younger than twenty years of age! What a maturity they do inherit; it’s truly remarkable! There were two demonstrational recordings before, but I am pretty sure that there is much more professionally recorded material to come. But let’s not run too fast, and focus on the first-things-first principle.


I was sort of pissed off when I received this album. It has nothing to do with ‘not liking’ the sh*t, because I was sure I would appreciate this material. The reason for that ‘liking’ was the demonstrational recording Demo MMXI, which I did review somewhere in Spring 2014 (check the site on the March 5th 2014 update). But apparently ZOM did release some of this material too on vinyl and I was not aware of that. What a [censorship]!!! So you can imagine my frustration.


Once again a quick one: Sorcery Of The Damned, the debut-EP by Chilean act Oraculum. It’s a nasty experience, lasting for twenty one minutes, bringing nothing but pure, honest, morbid and old schooled Death Metal, rooted in the Eighties vein.


Switzerland’s Bölzer surprised the underworlds with last year’s debut Aura, which was released by Iron Bonehead (who else…). So it was quite satisfying to notice this band returning with a new EP, two-tracker Soma. Both tracks are an ode to the goddess Luna, by the way, ‘set amidst a thematic backdrop of war and the surrender of the fleshly temple’ (taken from Invictus Productions’ biography).

Obscure Burial

Two years after the first demo-tape, which was called God’s Abomination, the Finnish horde Obscure Burial returns with the sophomore demonstrational recording, once again released on cassette via mighty Invictus Productions. The band, with members of Ancestors Blood, Inferi, Kadotus and Urgamla, is quite experienced, seen the members’ other outfits, and it shows!


It has been released more than four months ago in mean time, this vinyl-effort, but since I did receive this stuff only recently, and for this material is oh-so jummie… Besides, it’s stuff provided via Invictus Productions, and who am I to ignore this superior label…


Malthusian hail from Ireland and were formed in 2012 by former or current members of e.g. Abaddon Incarnate, Wreck Of The Hesperus and Mourning Beloveth; indeed, quite impressive it is! The quartet recorded its first demo at the Sun Studio and the material will be released on tape first, followed by a vinyl edition and mini-CD later on.


Satan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll was originally released on CD in August 2012, and gets now re-released on vinyl, once again via Invictus Productions. Even though Chapel were formed more than five years ago, it isn’t but this Canadian trio’s sole official release (except for a demo in 2008). And the only reason for this re-release is to please the vinyl-freaks.

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