Legs Akimbo

Moloch (Horizont)

No introduction needed – check out on of the (many) reviews I did in the (recent) past for this outfit from Ukraine. Just enter the project’s name in the ‘search’-tab above, and you’ll be able to find more than a hand full of other reviews that have recently been written and published for this solo-outfit of Mr. Sergiy Fjordsson.


Neil from Legs Akimbo is quite open-minded within his choices to sign bands and projects on one of his labels. An example is Rapidax, a mad outfit that did debut on Legs Akimbo in 2013 when contributing on an EP by Ladyscraper. This review deals with, as for now, the sole official release by Rapidax, being the two-track EP The Fursty Ferret EP.

Moloch / I Shalt Become

I won’t spend my time on introducing both of these solo-outfits. For Moloch you can expect some more reviews in a near future, but recently I wrote (+ updated) some others: Verwüstung, Abstrakter Wald, Somewhere On The Forgotten Paths, Die Isolation, or the split with Voidstar. For more info about this Ukrainian outfit, check these out.


GoatChrist is the name for a very young outfit by a very young guy (born during the second half of the nineties) who calls himself Dominator Xul’Ahabra. This guy did perform or still performs under quite some other monikers in bands and solo-projects such as Rancid Entity, Lord Andras / Mundus or Mors Voluntaria a.o. With GoatChrist, he did release a handful of smaller recordings, amongst which The Epic Tragedy Of The Cult Of Enlil, which was digitally released in January 2015.

Sete Star Sept / Anxiety Disorder

Legs Akimbo seem to be one of the most ‘outstanding’ labels when it comes to splattering and grinding sonic filth. Just click on the label’s name and you’ll get access to some reviews of other perverted reviews I did write for this UK-based label. Completely in the vein, in the spirit of this specific trend, quite a lot gets released on vinyl, of course. This goes as well for the split with Japanese combo Sete Star Sept and Belgium’s finest Anxiety Disorder.

De Blenders / Agathocles

Ever heard about Agathocles? I did not either, but apparently they are quite productahahaha… I mean, I had not heard about them before the time when I was actually born, but since they did release about 6.666 things in mean time… No, seriously, I do follow this act as from the late eighties, and still they remain one of the most influential Grind-acts around our globe - and I think they deserve such status. There are many reasons, but let’s stick to: quite productive, honesty-to-the-roots, and just being Agathocles.


Anoxia, not the ‘disease” but the Metal-group, are a band from Mexico with members involved with e.g. Remains (on March 4th 2016 I did upload the review for their album Evoking Darkness), Dew Of Nothing or Cryptogeny.

Acid Enema

Acid Enema are quite an old outfit by Mr. Abhorrent, who also released material under monikers like Agape Christian Preschool in a very first era, and as Abhorrent, as well as Sangre, … Anyway, the first ones are related to Acid Enema. Under this moniker, he was active during the second half on the nineties especially, as well as the very early 2000’s, but then everything faded away into oblivion… Until now.

Ensomhet 777

Actually, this new release by Italian project Ensomhet 777, an outfit of Riccardo’19.84’ Z., was released in 2014 via !fanculo!, but I recently did receive a tape-version of that album, done via mighty UK-based Locust Amber Records. And just like acts such as Vinterriket, Moloch or Sieghetnar, this release does not deal with Black Metal this time, yet with floating sounds of mis(t)ery…


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