Bhleg are a young duo, consisting of two Ljuset-members, though this duo does not act like just a Ljuset side-project. Bhleg surely are a distinctive entity on its own. Ludvig Andersson (vocals and bass) and Simon Johansson (guitars, vocals, keyboards and additional percussion), along with session drummer Robert Johansson, recorded the material for this first album in winter 2013-2014 at Studio Asu and A.M.P.


Ahamkara are the moniker behind a new UK-based duo, consisting of vocalist Steve Black and multi-instrumentalist Michael Blenkarn. You might know the latter from his collaboration with e.g. The Axis Of Perdition, Phaleg, Wodensthrone or Pulsefear.


Swedish Label Nordvis were focusing on their native scene especially in the past, but with some open-mindedness they are signing bands from other countries too, and that’s a good thing. Especially when thinking about their joint-venture with Bindrune, you might find some non-Swedish formations. Anyway, another name to add to this list is Izah. Izah are a Dutch collective, releasing their debut full length via Nordvis.

Falls Of Rauros

In Tolkien’s Middle Earth (cf. Lord Of The Rings), the Falls Of Rauros are the huge falls at the lake of Nen Hithoel above the river Anduin at the Emyn Muil-rocks, with the mighty Argonath, enormous carved pillars representing Anarion and Isildur, on both sides of the fall – in case you did not know this, and in case you do care.


One of the most productive one-man projects is Panopticon, a project formed by Austin L. Lund (aka A.Lundr), whom you probably know from Seidr, though he’s involved with some other bands too. Earlier this year we could enjoy the split-LP with another great American act, Falls Of Rauros (and for your info, this band recently recorded Believe In No Coming Shore, which I will review very soon too).


Dråpsnatt are a Swedish act that were formed almost one decade ago out of the ashes of Maleficium, i.e. by Narstrand (also in e.g. Sangre / Blodritual and Nivlhel) and Vinterfader. They recorded five albums in mean time, but the first two haven’t been released.


Swedish band Skogen return with their fourth full length, after Vittra, Svitjod and Eld, released respectively in 2009, 2011 and 2012 via Russia’s Frostcald Records, a small but underestimated label known for many excellent Black Metal releases.


Stilla is a Swedish side-project by members of e.g. Bergraven and De Arma. One year ago, they surprised with their Nordvis-debut Till Stilla Falla, and now the band returns with the sophomore full length studio recording Ensamhetens Andar, which means something like ‘spirits of solitude’. This album consists of slightly lengthy tracks that combine tradition with atmosphere. The main tempo is rather slow, and the whole gets almost permanently supported by floating, dreamy keyboard lines.

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