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Line Up :

Gerre - Vocals

Andi Gutjahr - Guitars

Frank Thorwarth - Bass

Olaf Zissel – Drums

Tankard release a solid old-school trash metal album


Line up :

Damian Wilson - Vocals

Karl Groom - Guitars

Pete Morten - Guitars

Steve Anderson - Bass

Richard West - Keyboards

Johanne James - Drums


Exodus is an American thrash metal band formed in 1980 in Richmond, California. Two former band members died; Paul Baloff, Evan McCaskey. But the current members are: Steve “Zetro” Souza  | Vocals , Gary Holt | Guitar , Lee Altus | Guitar, Jack Gibson | Bass , Tom Hunting | Drums.


Wolf Hoffmann | Guitar

Peter Baltes | Bass

Mark Tornillo | Vocals

Herman Frank | Guitar

Stefan Schwarzmann | Drums


Fans of the band will know what to expect from ‘Blind Rage’ but for those of you who are still unfamiliar, I need only say two words ‘HEAVY METAL’!


Line Up : Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth – VocalsDave Link – GuitarD.D. Verni – BassDerek Tailer – GuitarRon Lipnicki - DrumsWhen we think about thrash, the big four of ‘Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer’ are usually the first thing that come to mind. There has always been a second tier of bands like ‘Overkill’, ‘Testament and Exodus’ that never quite reached as great a level of commercial success.

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

Although my last encounter with this exhilarating multi-influenced German Metal act is still fresh in my mind as one of the most exciting events of that time, it turns out that that goes back to my review (posted 19/09/2006, and still consult-able in our “Archive” section) of the band's 6th album Riders On The Storm, which was the first recording by the band to get into the top 40 of the German album charts.


Since Vader are one of the oldest still-existing (+30 years of existence), and most notorious acts on Mater Terra, and since the .net is filled with information much more detailed and, who known, more accurate than what I would write down, I will not spend my time on an introduction. Or: cut the crap, here’s Tibi Et Igni.


Hammerfall has had a steady and rather successful career; remaining one of the most consistent forerunners of the power metal scene. Twenty-one years and two hiatuses since their formation, (r)Evolution, the band’s ninth full length album, shows Hammerfall returning to their roots. Consistency was a part of strong part of Hammerfall’s repertoire until their last album, Infected, which saw the band completely shifting from their unwavering traditional power metal sound into darker territories via choppy song structures and plodding rhythms.


Origins is the sixth full length album by Swiss top-act Eluveitie, a band that does not necessarily needs any introduction. This newest album, available two years after the highly acclaimed Helvetios, was recorded at New Sound Studio with producer Tommy Vetterli (of Kreator- & Coroner-fame) with some new members.


Rage have been in the business for thirty years now, and have so far released 21 album, so what better way to celebrate this than to delve in their history.  But instead of re-recording existing songs, they chose tomake an album with previously unreleased songs, some as yet unheard of version of existing songs, and some demo-recordings of fractions of ideas that were left over from previous albums,and who were melted together into new songs.  There is even one song from the period when they were still called Avenger.


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