Album Title: 
Tibi Et Igni
Release Date: 
Friday, May 30, 2014
Review Type: 

Since Vader are one of the oldest still-existing (+30 years of existence), and most notorious acts on Mater Terra, and since the .net is filled with information much more detailed and, who known, more accurate than what I would write down, I will not spend my time on an introduction. Or: cut the crap, here’s Tibi Et Igni.

Tibi Et Igni was recorded once again at the über-famous Hertz Studio with the Wieslawski-brothers (Hermh, Azarath, Dies Irae, Deivos, Shadows Land and many more Polish acts), and the ten tracks last for forty two minutes. No (negative) comment about the sound quality, for this is truly above expectations: neat and decent, but still with a stiff middle-finger towards stupid infantile, poppy, commercial and clinical catchiness. Nice balance in the mix when it comes to the individual players, canalising them into a mostly cohesive powerful entity.

When it comes to the musical result, there is nothing wrong either. Vader do what they are good at: bringing extremely heavy and brutal, slightly technical, timeless and persuasive (read: highly influential) Death Metal with a strong dose of Thrash-injected majesty (going for several aspects, but with the solos on top…). There is nothing, but really nothing at all, that renews, but if you follow the ‘never-change-a-winning-team’-strategy, you won’t accept the opposite. I do not think that this is the band’s strongest release to date (at all), but once again, there is nothing, nothing, nothing wrong with the result. It’s that simple…