Old Temple


Polish quintet (on this album, the band’s line-up is: Konrad Zubrzycki (d), Lukasz Sikorski (v), Maciej Jakoniuk (g), Lukasz Bielemuk (g), and Rafal Zera (b)) Cinis finally return with their second opus (the former one, The Last Days Of Ouroboros, was initially released in 2008).


Poland-based Old Temple have a fine-tuned nose for everything that reeks of nastiness. That was one of the reasons to join forces with Embrional a while ago,  the latter being a band that was formed more than a decade ago (initially as Embrional Necrophilism, by the way). This act released a first full length in 2012 (Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors, once again via Old Temple), which received great response all over our metalized globe. Undersigned too was modestly enthusiastic about that effort.


If I am not mistaken, Bestiality are now debuting with this (limited) EP. The Warsaw, Poland-based quartet (drummer Vit Argos, guitar player Galin Soulreaper, bassist Tom Cultcommander and mouth of the netherworld Alberth Dust) did record this nasty piece at the B 65 Studio and the Bestial Sound, produced by the band, and engineered + mixed by Maciej Radecki, and it gets released by one of Poland’s most impressive labels, Old Temple.


Praise the Horned One! Pandemonium are back… At least, that was my first erotic thought when I received this album. Yet then again, Devilri… Wasn’t that something old…? So, I checked it out, and there are two observations: 1 this indeed deals with very old stuff (my mind, after decades of [self-censorship] and 2 WTF, but I seem to have missed this band’s last album?!

Genital Putrefaction

Poland’s Genital Putrefaction are a Death Metal band that existed for a couple of years during the era 1989-1992. They recorded three demos (FYI: Chinese (!) label BrutalReign Productions compiled them on CD in 2013 with The Unholy Decade as working title), but then they split up. However, in 2009 the band was reformed, and in 2012 they released their debut full length, Stworzony Przez Bogów. It was recorded and mixed at the Berlin-based GL Studio and produced by Lech Glogowski in 2010.

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