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Uk groove rockers GRIFTER’s first album never reached this man’s ears thus “RETURN OF THE BEARDED BRETHREN”  is  for me  the introduction to the band.   Album opener “Black Gold”  is a clear statement for things to come. Hard rocking  southern grooving  boogie rock  from the school of the mighty CLUTCH or closer to home ORANGE GOBLIN  all be it that singer / guitarist Ollie STYGAL’s voice bares more resemblance  to – again CLUTCH ‘s Neil Fallon than to the infamous BEN WARD.


Poohbah this bands name doesn’t ring a bell to me. When search them on the net: founded in 1972, Youngstown, OH, United States. Made 10 studio albums from 1972 till 2007. Line the last time was: Jim Gustafson (Zang, Gitaar), Phil Jones (Bas, Zang), Ken Smetzer (Toetsen, Zang) and Gen Procopio (Drums). Jim Gustatson is the driving force of the group and the only original from the beginning.

Mos Generator

Are you ready for some dirty motherfucking classic rock? Ok, so far so good. But what we get on a musical level is not bad at all and could be described as a bastard between Clutch, The Sword and COC. The true influences are a lot deeper and hail from the glorious seventies, the direction they have taken, though, can be best described with the mentioned bands and gives you some ideas what Mos Generator are all about. Rough and earthy riff rock it is, almost ideal to cruise through the country side.

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