Album Title: 
Return of the Bearded Brethren
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 12, 2014
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Uk groove rockers GRIFTER’s first album never reached this man’s ears thus “RETURN OF THE BEARDED BRETHREN”  is  for me  the introduction to the band.   Album opener “Black Gold”  is a clear statement for things to come. Hard rocking  southern grooving  boogie rock  from the school of the mighty CLUTCH or closer to home ORANGE GOBLIN  all be it that singer / guitarist Ollie STYGAL’s voice bares more resemblance  to – again CLUTCH ‘s Neil Fallon than to the infamous BEN WARD.  When listening to   tracks like “PARANOIAC  BLUES”  or  “ PRINCESS LEIA”  it’s  hard  to grasp that  we’re talking  3 English lads and not some rednecks from the Southern States of the USA…   if  swampdevil music is your cup of tea…. then this is a must have .  RETURN OF THE BEARDED BRETHREN  is a  strong solid album which would also stand strong without  a  cover BLACK SABBATH ‘ FAIRIES WEAR BOOTS being added as it’s actually the weakest link on this album.