The Used it turns out, we at ConcreteWeb last came across this American “Rock” band on the occasion of the release of their 2007 album Lies For The Liars (for which a review by yours was posted on July 10 of that same year – look it up in our “Archive” section for details on the band's career up to that point)!

Ace Frehley

5 years after the release of ‘Anomaly’ former ‘KISS’- guitarist ‘Ace Frehley’ is back with a new release called ‘Space Invader’. After all the rumor about ‘The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’ if ‘KISS’ would do a reunion with their former band members ‘Ace’ and ‘Peter Criss’ the promotion is a bonus to promote his new album ‘Space Invader’.

A Hill To Die Upon

A HILL TO DIE UPON,  describe  themselves as a  blackened deathmetal band, I can add to that that they are a Christian Blackened deathmetal band, and even in today’s scene that’s still a rather the exception to the rule.

Capilla Ardiente

 It‘s become a rare feature that an album grabs my attention s from the first moment, Capilla Ardiente managed to do just that. This band from Chile manages to release with “Bravery truth and the endless darkness” a doom metal album which put me in the same state of mind, as when I first discovered bands like Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus… and more recent Below.      Capilla ARDIENTE delivers the goods, 6 tracks  approx. 45 minutes of epic doom..

I Am The Avalanche

I Am The Avalanche is a rock/punk band from Brooklyn, New York formed in 2004. The groups name comes from a lyric written by Vinnie Caruana for a song which was later discarded. Current members are: Vinnie Caruana, Brett "The Ratt" Romnes, Brandon Swanson, John Oliva and Corey Perez.

The Osiris Club

The Osiris Club hail from the UK, and play a very strange type of music.  They’ve apparently been able to combine a lot of different music styles, as well in genres, combining metal with grunge elements and I don’t know what else, as in time since some songs or parts of songs have a very seventies feeling, whereas others remind of the eighties and nineties.

Serpentine Path

After Unearthly Dance split up, some of the members decided to form a new band, Serpentine Path. Soon after they recorded and released a self-called EP and a self-called full length (yet both with different tracks, despite the very same title). Shortly after they recruited a second guitar player (Stephen of legendary Winter), and the band, now a five-piece, recorded the sophomore full length, Emanations, which has duration of forty five minutes.

I Am The Avalanche

Yet another band I’d never heard of before. Although this is already their third album so far for this band that hails from Brooklyn

Their music is pop-punk in the vein of Green Day and other bands in that genre. It’s energetic, fast paced music,  nice to listen to, but easily forgotten.  And since so many bands have been active, or still are active in this genre, I doubt they’ll ever make it to the European Music Charts. This is a type of band, or a type of music, that begs for an outdoor music festival, with lots of beer, to have some fun with.

So Hideous

The Brooklyn-based quartet (Brandon and Chris Cruz, Danny Moncada and Etienne Vazquez) So Hideous are one of the most exciting surprises I met lately. The band, formed in 2008, debuts with Last Poem / First Light, which was originally self-released last year, but now it gets a proper promotion after signing to Prosthetic’s roster earlier this year.


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