Unexplained Sounds Group



Location: Italy

Members: Raffaele Pezzella

Production, mix, mastering: Raffaele Pezzella

Artwork: Abby Helasdottir

Type: double-CD in gatefold ecopack

Duration: 91:20


various artists (IDIL 2024)

Raffaele Pezzella, musician, master, label owner and so much more, came with the idea to have a kind of ‘contest’, an award in order to go even further with the promotion of the scene. This ‘election’ must be seen as a dedication to the underestimated worlds of sonic satisfaction, where / when ‘darkness’ and ‘innovation’ meet.

various artists

I do not think that it is absurd to consider the Necronomicon as one of the most enigmatic and secretive books in history of occultism and (black) magic. It was once written by the Mad Arab aka Abdul Alhazred. The latter, however, did not really exist, as you might probably know; yet it’s a character coming from the unique brain of Howard P. Lovecraft. I am not going too deep into this subject, even-though it is of an undeniable fantastic (and important) weight.


A short one, for it deals with a re-release; yet one that surely deserves some additional support…

For some unexplainable reason, I just noticed that I did not finish and publish my review for The Baring Teeth, Dev-I-Ant’s debut for Raubbau. I will soon make it up with a review for A Place Of Warmth And Tears. Yet until then, first this: my thoughts on 2020’s Progression Of The Wolf.

various artists (The Body Of Horror)

I think most people do recognize the name of David Cronenberg for his (horror) movie The Fly, or films like A History Of Violence, eXistenZ, Naked Lunch or Eastern Promises. And I know that this site deals with reviews about Aural Art and not motion pictures or any other form of (visual) artistics, but I have to admit that this Canadian film director and screenwriter is one of my personal favourites.

The Great Old Ones (it)

The new project The Great Old Ones was recently formed by Raffaele ‘Sonologyst’ Pezzella. Via his own label Eighth Tower Records, Raffaele releases a series which is dedicated to the mighty fantasy-world of H.P. Lovecraft. I (recently) wrote and published a review for the second one in that series, Mythos Of Cthulhu, but I promised to write down my thoughts on the first recording too. So, here I am, even-though I’ll keep in short and concise this time.

The Great Old Ones (it)

I was really pleased when Raffaele Pezzella let me know that he started a new outfit recently. This one would be called The Great Old Ones, which refers to Lovecraft’s surreal universum, as you surely know. And it’s not just the name of this project that bears that Lovecraftian influence; the themes on the recordings will focus on the novels of this great writer as well. This one, Mythos Of Cthulhu, is the second release in a series that is inspired by these deities’ pantheon created by Mister Lovecraft.


I think it would be a waste of (my) time to introduce this project / artist. The guy behind the project Sonologyst is Raffaele Pezzella, who works as master under that name, and who runs several prodigious labels within the worldwide Experimental / Ambient / Field Recordings / Drone / Musique Concrète / Electroacoustics / … genres. He’s the (co) author behind documentary works referring to these related genres, and curator of podcasts, compilations (anthologies) with lesser known artists and / or genres, you know…

Moloch Conspiracy

(same message as yesterday, for my Bonaventure-review) [due to health issues in my family, quite some reviews have been delayed; this one too is about an album for which the review had been prepared a while ago, yet it never got finished; now it will…]


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