Abyss Records


A short introduction: Septekh recorded a first MCD in 2012, called The Seth Avalanche, followed by the highly interesting full length Apollonian Eyes in 2013 (both of them released via Abyss Records). Then these Swedes decided to records their next album with Josef Zachrisson once again at the Silence Studio, with Plan For World Domination as working title. Result: one hour of septekhish Metal…

Dead Awaken

Sweden’s Dead Awaken were formed in early 2002 as a quartet. Throughout the years, the band recorded and self-released a handful of demonstrational stuff (Death Before Dishonour, 2002; Instrument Of War, 2003; ..Tomorrow We Die.., 2004; Scar Graced Earth, 2006; and The Noble Art Of Agitation, 2008) and they were able to play at interesting local gigs, but the band’s popularity remained limited to their home country.

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