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Eden’s Curse

After nine years existence, Eden’s Curse now releases their very first live album, recorded in Glasgow’s  Classic Grand on November 28th 2014.  Before, they released 4 studio albums that received good reviews.  Mixing and mastering of these recordings was handled by none other than Dennis Ward, their longtime engineer.


Wolfpakk's 'Rise Of The Animal'  enjoyable slice of classic Metal. Michael Voss and Mark Sweeney have again partnered up to bring more Metal mayhem to the masses via their third chapter of their allstar project.

Where else can you find Don Dokken, Michael Kiske, David Reese, Joe Lynn Turner and Marc Storace all singing on the same album? Where else can one hope to find Jeff Watson, Bernie Tormé, John Norum, Doug Aldrich and Axel Rudi Pell throwing down guitar tracks on the same disc?

Orden Ogan

Originally Orden Ogan was formed in 1996 under the name of Tanzende Aingewaide, but was renamed Orden Ogan in 1997.  They hail from Germany, and bring us power metal with some hints of folk in it.  What I like about these guys is the amount of what I’d call bombast they mix into their music, which can be described as a mix of Blind Guardian and Rage.


Udo Dirkschneider has been in the music business since 40 years, first with German metal band Accept, with whom he got his first success, afterwards with his own band, simply named after himself UDO.  This is his fifteenth studio album so far, and while not a true concept album, it’s main theme is the decadency of nowadays life, especially by the rich and privileged part of our society.

Serious Black

When I put this CD on, I had not looked at the info about this band yet.  Upon hearing the first notes I said to myself : I have heard this voice before.  And damn right I was, vocalist is none other than Urban breed (Tad Morose, Bloodbound, …).  So I started looking through the other info.


Stormborn” is the  new  (4th) album  from Swedisch  metal band BloodboundBloodbound  decribe  “Stormborn" as a bombastic well  produced  album bringing  us metal hyms of exceptional class”……  Is this correct I than think….  Well it is partially,  it’s bombastic and it’s well produced, in fact it’s so bombastic that after playing it a couple of times the overkill of choruses and choir singalongs  make Stormborn   sound rather childish  (Satanic Panic, Iron throne or  just about every other track) instead of epic and that can’t


What is this.  If I’d say the Germans have a bad taste, I’d be close to the truth.  This is the country that brings us the ‘schlager’ festivals, and other disastrous events, yet also a country that has produced many world class metal bands, like Accept, Doro, and the list goes on.

Kissin Dynamite

Line up :


Hannes Braun – Vocals

Jim Müller – Guitars

Ande Braun – Guitars

Steffen Haile – Bass

Andreas Schnitzer - Drums

This quintet hails from the southern parts of Germany and is celebrating the release of their fourth studio album.  Sometimes that information is all you need to know as the music doesn’t conjure orgasms or even the slightest emotional response. 


Nightmare are a French band, that have been plodding the metal scene since some 35 years or so, with a break between 1987 and 1999..


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