Cyclic Law


Almost twenty years ago, some artists / musicians from Russia, sharing a common interest in traditional and ritual Music, decided to create stuff that stood miles away from electronic Music. Alexey Tegin studied ancient musical cultures from ancient Egypt, Iran and Tibet, and since he was interested in the Buddhist culture in general, and the BON-tradition more specifically, he named this project after one of the five tutelary deities of the Father Tantra, Phurpa.

Treha Sektori

Treha Sektori are a project by Dehn Sora, whom we do know, of course, from the excellent Sembler Deah-project (which includes members of AmenRa). He also joined the Paris-based Black-horde Glaciation, but everyone also recognises his name as visual artist (i.e. painter / graphic designer), creating artwork for hands full of bands and projects.

Reutoff / Sal Solaris

Eisengrau, sub-titled as Beyond The Principles, is a co-operation in between two great Russian Ambient / Industrial acts, Reutoff and Sal Solaris. The record will be released in a limited edition of 500 copies only, and it comes with nice yet sober artwork. The work is dedicated to silent formless light that we behold with our eyes closed. It shines beyond any principle, either reality or pleasure. Those two principles, for your information, refer to a psycho-analytic concept of how our inner human life gets guided.


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