Forever Plagued


Please forgive me for being brutal (or do not, for I do not care, actually), but I will keep this very short. But this is the x-th re-release of Demoncy’s Joined In Darkness, and I do not want to waste my time on unnecessary stuff. So, here a very short biography: Demoncy are an outfit by Ixithra (think: Incursus, Profanatica, Mysterian, Profane Grace (!), Crimson Moon and many more), formed more than twenty five years ago.


On October 11th 2014’s update on Concreteweb, you could read the review I did for Taatsi’s demo-tape Season Of Sacrifice. It was an omen for the upcoming full length, and it left me satisfied, and craving for more. I was not the only one, because when Forever Plagued heard this material, originally digitally released by Taatsi in January 2014, they signed them with the idea to have an album released. …which is the case as from now on…

Kult Of Taurus

Greek band Kult Of Taurus did release a demo, an EP and a split before, and Divination Labyrinths is the combo’s debut full length studio recording, which lasts for thirty two minutes. The material was mixed and mastered by Yusaf Parvez aka Viper aka Vicotnik, known from Dødheimsgard, Ved Buens Ende, Code, Manes, Strid and many other notorious yet slightly unusual and extreme acts.


Esoterica were formed in 2011 by Alexander Poole when his main act Chaos Moon split up (FYI: Chaos Moon reformed very recently). Under the moniker of Esoterica, he released a couple of EP’s and a split, and now also a full album, called Aseity. This one is produced and mixed by Kate Nathan, the guy behind the Plastik Musik-label (which did release the 2012-split New World Black Metal), who took care of the artwork as well.

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