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NunSlaughter do not need any introduction anymore. This band, nowadays located in Cleveland, Ohio, uSSSa (you know, the land of milk-and-honey), is one of the most productive ones on our oh so magnificent black, sorry, blue planet, and this for, well, almost thirty-five earthly years in the mean-time. And their Devil Metal created an enormous fanbase, yet still NunSlaughter remain ‘low-profiled’ and ‘underground’.

The Lurking Corpses

It took quite a while, for The Lurking Corpses’ last album was released in 2008 (Smells Like The Dead). Okay, there was the re-issue of their 2003-debut 23 Tales Of Terror in September 2013 (update of the review undersigned did: see October 19th 2013), which was re-released to celebrate this band’s tenth anniversary, but new stuff, no, that has been too long, way too long. Until now… This band from Indiana, U SS A, have always amused me with their Horror Metal, though not one effort I know from them was really mind-blowing, I think.


After an EP and two full lengths, Syndicate Of lethargy (2008) and Odes Of The Occult (2011) (and an EP as well as a very interesting split too, not to forget), Oslo, Norway-based Execration return with their next opus, Morbid Dimensions. It’s a one-hour opus that keeps the listener attentive from beginning to end. As from opener Cosmic Mausoleum, it’s stroking how organic it sounds to mingle the vast tradition of the Old School with progressive elements from the Modern Times.

Force Of Darkness

With exceptions of the three Guyanan countries, I do have material from bands from each country in South America, more than often being superb stuff. I am not about to make a list of each country (you know that some of the protagonists hail from Brazil, Peru, Argentina or Colombia), but the scene from Chile has always been of highly influential importance too, both in the past as it still is now. One of the most interesting bands from that country is three-piece Force Of Darkness, formed more than a decade ago.


It was rather evident that a label like Hells Headbangers (always having a great taste for indigestible rotten flesh…) would sign Sacrocurse. Their demo Sulphur Blessing showed the strength of this project, somewhat perfectly, quasi-shamelessly fitting to Hells Headbangers’ roster (I reviewed that stuff last year, and it had been posted on this site on September 22nd 2013; check it out if you dare, er, I mean, if you want to).


When I listened to Midnight’s debut album Satanic Royalty for the first time, I completely fell in love (of course of the most hateful kind) with the muSICK these guys were creating. Check the Hells Headbangers Special November 2011, posted on November 6th 2011 (including the likes of Speedwolf, Vladimirs, Sanguis Imperem and Embalmed).


Embalmer were a sweet combo during the nineties, formed in 1989 and creators of a hand full of demonstrational sonic un-beauty. At the end of 1995, they released a 7”EP, There Was Blood Everywhere via Relapse. The very same label re-issued this stuff in June 1997 with inclusion of the Rotting Remains demo (1993). Then Embalmer did split up.


Together with, for example, Sabbat or Agathocles, NunSlaughter must be one of the most productive combos on our lovely planet. As from 1987 on, these guys have recorded hundreds of splits, minis, compilations, lives and full lengths (note: this category, the full length studio recordings, is in fact extremely limited in this band’s case!), so it will be quite a challenge to add the full discography right here. …but of course I won’t… No thanks…

Cemetery Lust

Portland, Oregon-based band Cemetery Lust was formed in 2009. After some demonstrational efforts, the band signed to Headsplit Records, and in 2012 they released the debut album Screams Of The Violated. Shortly after, the band moved over to Hells Headbangers, which did re-release the first album in mean time.


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