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Satanic Warmaster

The extremes within the Finnish scene are enormous. I really detest a large part of the scene for being way too poppy, predictious and pretentious. At the same time, there’s a really vivid underground-happening with tens of superb projects and bands.


Primo: Hells Headbangers and their intelligence for the re-issue of classics. In an impressive series (think: Deceased, Beherit, Mortician, Incantation, NunSlaughter, Insanity and many more), the label comes with the vinyl re-release of Dahmer, originally released in 2000 via Decomposed / Hammerheart Records.

October 31 - Meet Thy Maker

Those having read the review I did for the re-issue of this band's debut album The Fire Awaits You, will remember that rhythm guitarist Kevin Lewis (whom would later spend time with Cryptameria) left just prior to that album's recordings? Well...guess what? He actually gave a new attempt at the permanent position of rhythm guitarist in the band, returning to the fold when they had just started the writing/ recording sessions for their 1998 EP Visions Of End.

October 31 - The Fire Awaits You

Oh my, yet another re-issue, sayeth thou? Ach well, occasionally those dó bring out some of the hidden gems of Metal history, don't they? And so things turn out to be quite interesting with this here re-issue, because it gathers more than just the album by the same title...hum, I should really say re-issues (as in plural), because this band's second album is also re-issued with extras. I therefore decided to split up my usual historical bit of the review in according parts!


Chainsaw Dismemberment is the re-issue of Mortician’s second full length, now done once more on vinyl (double-LP). The band actually was formed at the very end of the eighties, but it took a decade before being able to release two full lengths: Hacked Up For Barbecue in 1996, and this specific second one in 1999. There was much more studio activity during the earlier 2000’s, but that’s another story.

Nocturnal Graves

It was sad to learn that Australian top-commando Nocturnal Graves broke up in 2010, for this band was known for that typifying Aussie-styled Blast-Death violence. But dry your tears of blood, semen and mucus, and behold… …From The Bloodline Of Cain! Are Nocturnal Graves’ representatives descendants of Cain himself, with all forbidden pleasures once emerged? The past aural efforts do balance my opinion towards a positive answer, and this new album (thank the Horned One for this filthy resurrection!) won’t contradict.


Finally we have a new Zemial-album. The last one, In Monumentum, dates from 2006, so it means that Mister Jim ‘Archon Vorskaath Necroslaughter’ (also: ex-Varathron, Agatus, Alpha Centauri etc.) and his horde had made us waiting impatiently for too long. Not anymore now…


First of all, the cover artwork. Different for the German / European and American market. Check out why, and don’t deny ignorance, arrogance and narrow-mindedness. No further comment…


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