Album Title: 
Suck Cocks In Hell
Release Date: 
Thursday, October 31, 2013
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First of all, the cover artwork. Different for the German / European and American market. Check out why, and don’t deny ignorance, arrogance and narrow-mindedness. No further comment…

Anyway, Shitfucker are a trio (Zyklon-T, Daemonbitch and Styx Chizzler) from Detroit, and the sweetly entitled album Suck Cocks In Hell (why should I anyway?) is their full length debut in eight years of existence. Earlier this year, we could enjoy a compilation with material from the band’s earlier recorded EP-stuff, and last year the band was part of the F.O.A.D.-compilation, together with Detroit-based colleagues Perversion, Anguish and Reaper.

Suck Cocks In Hell lasts for thirty five minutes and opens with an oppressive, haunting (read: excellent!) intro (Satantisanity); a gospel of impurity and obscurity! The first ‘real’ track, Smash Your Skull, stands for a fast, grim and venomous Underground Black skull-smasher in the vein of the earliest Second Wave-bands. It’s a Teutonic and Barbaric expression of the European Old Style Thrash-Black tradition, with a sound comparable to that era, yet slightly more buzz-sawing. Next track, Demonic Rock, expresses much more that European spirit for being nuclearized with both the thrashgression of, let’s say, Venom, Necrodeath, Sodom and Abigail, with a NWOBHM’n’Roll-attitude in the vein of Motörhead. Besides, and not that unusual at all, there are some subtle hints to the Eighties Speed / Punk-scene too, bringing the likes of Warfare, Carnivore, Discharge etc. to mind. And that’s what this album in fact stands for: energetic and nasty Speed / Thrash / Black Metal / Punk with an attitude that brings back the glorious days of two / two and a half decades ago, done with persuasion, anger and a ‘we don’t give a shit’-mentality. Sometimes the middlefinger-in-your-god’s-ass-attitude dominate the whole, then again the punkish brutality, or the grim Blackness, or a certain Speed’n’Roll, or… But in each case it hits the bull’s balls, excuse me, bull’s eye.

And finally, the outro (Ytinastinatas), à la some specific weird instrumental parts by our own Lugubrum… A perfect termination of a sonically mentally-ill muSICKal effort.