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I will not ignore or deny this: I’ve always been a ‘fan’ of Astarium. I am not going to deepen this project’s history this time, because this review does not deal with a new release. But, since I am such a sweet human entity, and because Metallic Media, a fabulous label we recently started to collaborate with, did send us this album too (of course I did buy it when it came out two years ago, since I am a ‘rich’ [hèhè] collector of skulls, I mean, of albums), I have the politeness once again to write some words about it.

Fecund Betrayal

The first time that I listened to this album – I bought it shortly after the release date in my favorite CD-store – I was pretty enthusiastic about the approach of this Illinois-based duo, consisting of Dylan Taylor (bass and guitars; he also writes the lyrics) and Nostaum (vocals, guitars, drums and keyboards) (he’s a founding member of Wrathful Plague as well; the review on the Thee Within The Shadows-album will follow very soon, by the way).

Halo Of Flys

Halo Of Flys… Hello Alice Cooper… This Illinois-based band, however, did adapt their moniker a little, but they do not hide their appreciation for this master of Shock Rock, and even mention him in their thanks list.

Nosce Teipsum

Nosce Teipsum (‘know yourself’) are an Ukraine-based band, formed five years ago and especially known from their collaboration on a split with Lycanthropy (singer Furious is in both bands, by the way, and bass player Führer used to be part of them for a brief period as well) and Lebensabend (also from Russia) (Svartgalgh, 2010).

Abysmal Depths

In 2010, Abysmal Depths were formed as Du Temps Perdu, but this Mexican band changed its name into the current moniker in 2012. As Du Temps Perdu, there was a split-album with Astarot, Lux Funestus and Neftaraka (2011, Metallic Media), called Humo, Cenizas Y Muerta…, but this was the sole release under that name. Those tracks, by the way, have been re-recorded for their debut full album under the Abysmal Depths-moniker.


One of the most productive guys from Ukraine is Sergiy Fjordsson, who’s the guy behind projects like Moloch, Silver Sphere Moon, Saturn From Essence and Psilocybe City Life. He’s involved as well with Deviator, thought rather as permanent guest.


Discreate were a Grind-act from the Philippines, with two demos on their name, Raw Is Brutality and Contingent Development Of Inanimate Modifications. The latter was originally released on tape via Costa Rica-based label Viceral Vomit Records in October 2011, and re-released shortly after on CD via Rebirth The Metal Productions. Now also Metallic Media are involved in order to give this recording a decent promotion and distribution.


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