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Solemne Mortis

[review for a release that is more than two years of age, yet since it is never, ever, too late to focus on worthy stuff / and because of my appreciation for the label involved…]


Location: Medellin, Colombia

Members: Domos Aidaou (vocals & guitars), Maldito (bass), GoreRoman (guitars), Cadáver (drums)

Recorded: 11/2020-05/2021

Production, mix, mastering: Alvaro Alvarez (Nebuloza Producciones)

Thy Rites

[another ‘older’ recording which this review will deal with, so I’ll keep it short; yet this material is worth being promoted anyway]


Even-though I am such notorious, famous and universally highly-appreciated reviewer, even I can be surprised by projects I haven’t heard of before. Can you imagine, me, the greatest recensent of all times, being surprised by a very productive musicians without knowing about his existence? It is almost incredible, but hey, it did happen.


This time I am not going to give a ‘full biography’, for I’d like to refer to one of the other reviews I did for this Swiss project (links below) or, for additional info, for any other review I did for several other projects that involves Monsieur Sergio ‘Bornyhake’ Da Silva.


A ‘goliard’ gets often compared to a person who is, or used to be, religious, but who sort of started protesting against the narrow-minded limitations of the church. During the High Middle Ages, goliards were well-educated people, often strongly related to clerical studies, that tried to fight against the hypocrisy of the Roman / Catholic tradition via sarcastic or ironic poetry and chant. It was some kind of anti-clerical protest that penetrated the West-European society almost one thousand years ago.

Thank you for paying attention.


Lauxnos is the name of a Russian project, which was formed in 2013 by multi-instrumentalist Kirill ‘Katharos’ Andreevich, who is (or was) active as well in outfits like K.M., Hyperborean Frost, Emptiness Soul, Sona Nil or The Happiness Cage, amongst others.


This might be good news for those who lost their lust of life after the passing-away of Italy’s finest Nocratai, for the band might have reformed recently! All together: hurray! Yet beware: I am not sure, to be honest, whether the members did join forces once again, for the stuff on this new album is not exactly newly written material. And the fact that there was a compilation being released in 2017 (consisting of two older demos), does not necessarily suggest a reformation.


Dévotion devant l’éternal, soumission à l’ordre du ciel, ta créature en servitude. Viens mourrir [sic] dans mes bras assassins, frère innocent et à l’intention coupable… J’ai accepté l’absence de dieu et je suis dans les âges la représentation du Mal.

Sol Invictus

I used to be a ‘fan’ of Sol Invictus, but then I am talking about the project by Death In June’s Tony Wakeford (and apparently they reformed once more – but that is another thing). Another band with this moniker will be my next Sol Invictus adoration.


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