Harpag Karnik is a very young musician from Iran, who originated from Tehran, if I am not mistaken. Despite his young age (he was born in Autumn 1997 [which makes me feel old once more, haha]), Harpag is behind almost two hands full of very interesting projects, both solo or in partnership. These ones are gathered under the Ardawahisht Kollective, which he founded in 2018 or so (also including the solo and mutual outfits by Earthen Shade).

Sidney Watson

Being a reviewer can be very harsh and confusing sometimes. But one needs to be open-minded and objective, on top of the unavoidable subjectivity that influences your opinion and preferences too, evidently. No, I won’t start any philosophical discussion right here. It’s just, well, it isn’t always easy to find words, or to express thoughts, when you have to ‘out-of-the-box-thinking’.


I have to admit that when I first heard Chemical Reign I was ready to dismiss it as just another mindless metal release. But after a few listens, this album has really grown on me.

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