I guess SPV/Steamhammer wanted to hop on the bandwagon, and make money by releasing this single as a Christmas release, and linking this to the commemoration of the Great War as well (That’s the First World War, for those of you who have just come out of a centuries long hibernation – just kidding of course).

Riot V

When founding member and guitar virtuoso Mark Reale passed away in 2012, the future for Riot seemed unclear.  Was this band, with a career of almost 40 years, doomed to be ended? This would really have been a shame, after releasing magic albums like Narita, Fire Down Under, and their latest efforts Thundersteel and Immortal Soul, not to forget The Privilege Of Power.

Axel Rudi Pell

As I mentioned here, 2014 is becoming an excellent year for Heavy Metal. The 53-year old German guitar player Axel Rudi Pell, who has been on the road since 1981, has just released his sixteenth studio album, ‘Into the Storm’, and the final result is so pleasant that it will be hard for any headbanger not to enjoy it.

Rebellious Spirit

Rebellious Spirit a very young metal band founded in the southern Germany. Never heard about them but I think not the last time. Current members are Jannik Fischer (vocals, guitars), his brother Jens (bass), Silvio Bizer (drums) and Corvin Domhardt (guitar).


Throwndown an American hardcore metal band formed in 1997. Current members are Dave Peters (guitars (2000–2002),lead vocals (2002–present) and Mark Mitchell – bass (2007–present). These are the originals… But they are back after 4 years waiting

More Than A Thousand

More Than A Thousand born in Portugal, lived in London, records in the USA and Sweden, sings in English and plays universal…founded in 2001 and released 4 full length albums. Members are: Vasco Ramos (Vocal), Filipe Oliveira (Rhythm Guitar), Sergio Sousa (Lead Guitar), Mike Ghost (Bass) and Wilson Silva (Drums).


Hirax an American thrash metal band from Cypress, California started in 1982. Current members are: Katon W. DePena (Vocals), Lance Harrison (Lead guitars), Steve Harrison (Bass guitar) and Jorge Iacobellis (Drums). They quitted in 1989 with the band after some years and many fan mail and interest which encourage DePena to reunite Hirax in 2000. After many changes of cast in 2001 and 2003.


Crematory started in the early 90’s formed in Mannheim, Germany. The playing some gothic / melodic death metal. Current members are Felix Stass (vocals), Matthias Hechler (Guitar), Harald Heine (bass), Markus Jüllich (drums) and Katrin Jüllich (keyboards).


Battleaxe” containing Dave King (vocals), Brian Smith (bass), Mick Percy (guitar) and

Paul AT Kinson (drums). They are from England, Sunderland founded in 1979. After 2 studio albums and one live they quite their activity in the early nineties. The band is now reformed and made their new album.


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