Wolfmond Production


About three and a half years ago, Mexican musician L. Nergot started the outfit Sacrimoon, another depressed solo-outfit to express his ideas about life and death, love and loss, tragedy and melancholy, suicide and self-mutilation.


Absolutus are an act from the French-speaking part of Belgium (Liege, to be more specific), known for their releases with Latin titles. They have been extremely silent for more than seven years, but now they did return with their second full length, called Pugnare In Iis Quae Obtinere Non Possis. It was recorded at the Blackout Studio and it has a total running time of thirty three minutes. And I can, and will, be very limitedly focused right here.


Aeonless are a new project by Georgi Georgiev, one of the most productive guys within the Bulgarian netherworlds. You will surely recognize bands / projects like Calth, Raggradahr, Perverse Monastyr or Forgotten Forests if you do follow the Bulgaria-based underground scene. For this specific project, Georgi joined forces with a same-minded guy from Finland, Jori Hautala, who ‘sings’ in Aeonless (+ some synths).


I think one of my first acquaintances with Lower Silesian Stronghold must have been when I bought Nekriki Mistagogia, a mini-CD by Greek project Aasgard. Shortly after that release, frontman Aethyr started working on what would become the second full length, being Morbid Celestial Desecration. The material was eventually released on vinyl in 2012 via Unmerciful Death Productions.

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