Album Title: 
Pugnare In Iis Quae Obtinere Non Possis
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 11, 2015
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Absolutus are an act from the French-speaking part of Belgium (Liege, to be more specific), known for their releases with Latin titles. They have been extremely silent for more than seven years, but now they did return with their second full length, called Pugnare In Iis Quae Obtinere Non Possis. It was recorded at the Blackout Studio and it has a total running time of thirty three minutes. And I can, and will, be very limitedly focused right here. This band’s Post-Black Metal does not open secret gates to unexplored dimensions, but it does show a certain grandeur of that very same scene. Absolutus perform with conviction, with craftsmanship, with persuasion, and the compositions are at least as attractive as they are trespassing mediocracy. There are quite some ‘pros’, like the variation in tempo, the magnificent sound quality, the fabulous rhythm section, the majestuous vocal parts or the finely-balanced leads, but I truly appreciate the eerie Ambient passages that appear more than once.

Structured Chaos, ominous art, whatever you will call it: Pugnare In Iis Quae Obtinere Non Possis will please all fans of Post-oriented yet, at the same time, traditionally-focused Black Metal (empty) heads!

(I know: this must be my shortest review in more than seventy years, but pleas focus on the essence...)