Album Title: 
Temнъiй Kopидop Owибok
Release Date: 
Friday, July 4, 2014
Review Type: 

A.П. are a Russian act that, if I am not mistaken, have this EP as sole official release. The stuff was recorded at the Premier Studio, and the ten tracks last for just under eighteen minutes only. Indeed, it means ten short songs.

And well, I am not that much ‘into’ Hardcore, but this band does surprise me a lot, the positive way. A.П. bring a symbiosis of mid-tempo yet very intense Hardcore with elements from rhythmic Punk / Crossover at the one hand, and groovy Thrash Metal at the other. And yes, with some open-minded fantasy you may even find hints of Doom and Grind. Nice too is the variation in tempo. Ten short tracks, so one would expect ten fast and fierce Punk-eruptions. But that’s not the truth, for each single piece differs in speed, with mainly mid-tempo pieces (as said before), yet some faster ones too, as well as some slow-paced songs.

The lyrics are sung in Russian, so I do not understand what they are all about. But it does add something mystic / mysterious, I think, which I do like. On top of it, the vocals are pretty cool – no irritating punky yells, no high-pitched screaming, yet rather Thrash-oriented, little rough voi

Recommended if you like, well, let’s say everything in between Vitamin X, Agnostic Front, Madball, D.R.I. and Full Blown Chaos; even Carnivore, Discharge and Soulfly might come to mind.