Album Title: 
Trust Your Ear
Release Date: 
Friday, March 8, 2013
Review Type: 

A2aThoT are the solo project by a Portuguese guy with the very same (professional) moniker, and this mini-record (24:23 minutes for three titles) is the successor of the self-called 2012-full length. In the vein of that first album, Trust Your Ear stands for an eclectic and eccentric mixture of different musical genres. Basically, the project brings a mixture of Doom Metal and creepy Psychedelica of a highly experimental kind. The psychedelic experimentation, however, isn’t of the tech-progressive yet rather atmospheric and ambientally industrialised. This stuff is obscure and tribal, weird and droning, mixing elements from Tiamat’s Wildhoney, later Anathema, Radiohead, Ufomammut, Hoth, Scorn, Pelican, Pink Floyd, Lover Of Sin, The Devils Blood and Isis into the creation of Abstract Aural Art. Isn’t that sweet?

I needed to listen to the three songs a couple of time before getting the whole, and still it’s a challenge to get the whole clearly. But for sure Trust Your Ear is a grow-experiment, for each listening turn brings new elements at the surface; nice and surprising, constructive elements that make each turn slightly clearer.