Album Title: 
Black Blood Ceremony
Release Date: 
Monday, November 3, 2014
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When it comes to ‘occult’ themes within the Black Metal scene, many countries might claim ‘courtesy’, but I guess Greece is one of those unnaturally-created eras (aka ‘country’) on Mater Terra that houses many ‘occult’ bands. And within quite an impressive list of bands worth mentioning (but I won’t enlist them, for it will distract from the essence, and since I am too lazy…), Acherontas cannot be denied / ignored at all. I might recommend to look after the reviews undersigned did for some of the former releases, such as Amenti (see update on June 24th 2013) or Vamachara (uploaded on February 11th 2012, available within the ‘Archive’-tab of this site). Their vision on occultism is much Sumerian-inspired, drawing lyrical influences from the old religions in that part of the Middle-East, as well as witchcraft and sorcery themes from other eras, Kabbalah included, vampirism (‘astral’), Luciferian subjects, the worlds of dreaming etc.

Anyway, on 01-03-2014, Acherontas performed live on stage at the Willemeen in Arnhem, Holland, for their Black Blood Ceremony Over Arnhem gig. The result has been registered for compact disc and long player (vinyl) purpose via one of the Netherlands’ strongest labels lately, New Era Productions. The result has now been compiled under the Black Blood Ceremony-moniker, and it has a total running time of forty six minutes. And before starting the ‘core’ of this review (i.e. the performance of the gig), a word about the sound: almost superb! Truly, for a live registration, Black Blood Ceremony is of a high qualitative sonic level. Of course it has to do as well with the productional assistance of Heidens Hart-owner Arjan ‘Herjann’ Peeks, taking care of mix and mastering of this stuff. What I think that is interesting, is that this album does not sound like a studio release (no over-production or ultra-modern mix with fades and sonic photo-shopping), yet not like a low-budget registration of some cheap gig either. No, it succeeds to maintain the rough and organic character of a live setting. Cool! Respect!

And when it comes to the performance, well, I cannot but be positive as well. I shared my enthusiasm by means of reviewing the albums (the ones I mentioned in the first paragraph of this review), but this professional attitude just continues within these guys’ live efforts. The play is almost faultless, with nothing but persuasion and craftsmanship to show the audience. I wasn’t there, but I can see, smell, taste and feel the smoky sphere… …it’s like being part of an asphyxiating soundtrack for forbidden rituals, I guess. Of course the assistance of no one less than Mister Thorns on drums simply explains crafted playing, but still…

A positive element of this live set is the variation. Both older and (especially) newer songs pass by, and both fast and slower pieces do pass the revue as well. Sometimes you bang your head until it seems to drop off, then again you enter dreamlike atmospheres filled with psychotropic candies…

The magic of being there cannot be captured – that’s almost never the case with live albums. But there’s no doubt that this registration will please both those who were there, as well as any fan of Greek Occult Meditative Spiritual Art