Aetherium Mors

Album Title: 
Entrails Of The Soul
Release Date: 
Monday, November 11, 2013
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Almost ten years ago, Aetherium Mors from the U.K. were founded by Kane Nelson (vocals) and Dan Cough (instruments) in order to pay tribute to the likes of Carcass, Death, At The Gates, Dissection etc. The initial line-up, however, didn’t hold (due to a lack of interest or persuasion or appreciation by the other members), and the duo went on as a studio-only project. Both of them, by the way, also got involved by other musical outlets. Dan joined, for example, Holodomor (primitive Old Style Thrash / Black), Wishlist (ProgRock) or Daggers Drawn (progressive Rock / Metal), and Kane got involved with WarCrab (majestic deadly Sludge, still active). In 2011, the duo decided to release a compilation with the old demonstrational material, which got released in 2012 as Drenched In Victorious Blood, and soon after the band (the duo was joined by some colleagues to play live) played its first gig-on-stage. The ‘success’ made Aetherium Mors to start working on an EP in 2012 (self-production) as a try-out for a possible upcoming full length (which should / could / would be realised next year, I guess?...). The result is called Entrails Of The Soul and lasts for twenty one minutes.

The four-tracker brings stylistically-correct and rhythm-focused Black / Blast / Death Metal with lots of variation, i.e. tempo-changes, dissonant breaks, and a game-of-mind questioning if this stuff is modern (progressive twists included) or old-fashioned (traditional riffing and old school supremacy included). Sometimes it sounds rather confident and trusted, then again you get blown away by the impressive intention to crush skulls, hehe.

I know this mini-album isn’t but the band’s try-out for a possible upcoming full album, but if I were religious, I would pray to some divine and / or godly entity to ask for more to come soon. Since I don’t believe in *** whatsoever (except for myself), I will kindly ask Aetherium Mors to get their asses to the studio immediately in order to satisfy me ASAP with more of this aural pleasure. NOW!