Ambient Death

Album Title: 
Dismembering The Image Of God
Release Date: 
Monday, April 7, 2014
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American quartet Ambient Death nowadays consists of Lucas Klepacki (vocals and guitars, lyrics and music, and artwork), bass player Aady Pandit (who took care of the production as well), John Orsi (guitars) and Jaimen Shinn (drums). Dismembering The Image Of God is their third studio effort and it lasts for about thirty seven minutes.

The album brings a melodic and rhythmic form of Thrash-edged Death Metal with a progressive twist. The structures of both leading riffs and rhythm section are ingeniously composed, which makes the general approach pretty unique. These characterising elements get combined by traditional and timeless structures too, which makes that Dismembering The Image Of God does not sound exaggerated at all, nor that it does sound like faceless creation. Another distinctive element is the addition of groovy parts, acoustic passages (like instrumental intermezzos) and the Epic / Black-edged injections (All Too Human, for example…).