The Answer

Album Title: 
The New Horizon
Release Date: 
Friday, October 25, 2013
Review Type: 

The Answer were one of the very few Irish retro rock bands that actually made a name for themselves…at least for a little while..with highlight the support act for AC/DC.
The band's style is something in the Blue Murder/Lizzy/Aerosmith/Bad Company vein though with rougher vocals and a modern production. However, mostly the songs flow without leaving a mark anywhere, and while “Scream a louder love”” and “Spectacular”” are a couple of clever tracks they are not quite enough to make the whole album appear impressive. The Answer’s vintage sound is kind of nice and the band apparently have some style of their own, but as a whole New Horizon sounds somewhat bland with only a few slightly interesting moments. While it does have a powerful start with the title track, most of the time this album just sounds rather standard on all counts. At times the vocalist somehow irritates me but that's eventually a non-issue. Still, the songwriting is average at best and although the band's delivery is quite energetic throughout, this album as a whole lacks some long-lasting appeal. Pretty basic stuff, can't say much more about it.