Arcana Coelestia

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Monday, October 20, 2014
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After two fabulous albums on the great ATMF-label, Arcana Coelestia return with the third full length, this time via Milan-based Avantgarde, a label I do follow for two decades, and which has become one of the most important ones within my musical spectrum. Arcana Coelestia, consisting of Daniele ‘PV’ Marcia (drums; also in Locus Mortis, Tregenda, Letame or Catagramma Lepta), Marco ‘MZ’ Z. (strings and synths; involved with e.g. Urna, Aphonic Threnody and Locus Mortis), and Roberto ‘RM’ Mura (vocals; known from Urna, Aphonic Threnody [I will soon write the review for the new epos When Death Comes], Dea Marica or Locus Mortis) is the (Funeral) Doom / Death / Black-outfit for this experienced and productive Sardinian trio, and undersigned likes all material by their other bands or projects (at least the ones I do know, evidently), as well as both former records, Ubi Secreta Colunt (2007) and Le Mirage De L’Idéal (2009).

Nomas once again consists of pretty lengthy tracks, called Nomas I up to Nomas V, which have a total running time of forty three minutes. It is still very funereal-laden, this album, but the result is much more self-destructive (rather than extrinsic-aggressive is what I mean with this) and melancho-atmospheric than before. The evolution into morbid Doom-Death and the distance-taking to the Black Metal-approach (though pieces like Nomas IV are heavily inspired by the former releases) are remarkable, but these elements do not ignore Arcana Coelestia’s typifying obscure sound. The lengthy compositions are constructed out of a massive wall of sound, with a rhythm section more heavy than a mammoth jumping on a thin crystal cover. The material is highly melodious, based on permanently ear drum-pleasing duelling tremolo riffs and leads, supported by powerful guitar riffs, pounding bass lines and truly great drum patterns. The main grunts are of a mostly deep kind, but there are some clean vocals, choirs and little blackened screams too. The tempo varies a lot, from ultra-slow over mid-tempo to high-speed, and the sound is hammering and intense. Damn, did you notice I am talking in superlatives once again…

Think: Evadne, Monolithe, even Evoken and the likes…