Blacksoul Seraphim

Album Title: 
Alms And Avarice
Release Date: 
Friday, December 21, 2012
Review Type: 

Only recently received, even though originating from the end of last year (so are many releases, so WTF…).

Objective info: Alms And Avarice was recorded at Black Coffee Sound by Clay Neely (Elder, Black Pyramid, Killslug) during last year’s summer.

Half-and-half, subjective versus objective info: Doom stuff with a chilly atmosphere and powerful sound, balancing in between tradition and experimentalism.

Subjective info: heavily differing from most traditional combos, yet with a mostly original approach.

Facts: what Blacksoul Seraphim bring is a unique interpretation of Traditional Doom Metal and esoteric Traditional Epic Metal, symbiosed with unique structures and own-faced riffs into a unique mixture of trans-universal Epic Doom from beyond the most obscure pits towards the Underworlds.

No grunts or screams (no epic choirs or melodic chants either), but no need to reach such a chilly, purgatorious sound. On the very background, sixties-alike organs / keyboards, yet without any reference to the tribal / shamanistic sound that correspondents with this four-five decades-ago psychedelica. And so on, in many aspects.

Blacksoul Seraphim brings: - Doom-Death Metal without any elementary Death Metal influence; - Traditional Doom without any Sixties / Seventies evidence; - Dark / Black Metal without any reference to grimly elaborated extremism; - Epic Doom but way different from protagonists à la Candlemass or the likes. Or better: Blacksoul Seraphim are the missing link in between what we are trusted with, and what we might imagine…