Album Title: 
Violent Redemption
Release Date: 
Saturday, January 24, 2015
Review Type: 

The Kerala, India-based act Chaos released a demo in 2009 with the name Violent Redemption, but since most tracks differ, you cannot call this album just a re-release, and nothing more either. This just for your sweet information…

Anyway, once again an act from India that tries to reach our regions (and once again it’s Kunal from Transcending Obscurity (trying to) introduce the Indian scene to the Western Worlds – Indian music is getting there! is one of his statements, and with his persuasion and conviction, he will succeed, I think / hope), and the recent past gave some worthy examples. Will the same thing go for Chaos?

Actually, what these guys bring is powerful, energetic and traditional Thrash Metal with quite some hints of both the American and European scene anno Eighties. I do hear more than just one coincidental reference to the German, Dutch or whatever-European Eighties trend, but I think especially the Bay Area-current might have been of influence right here. Testament, Metallica, Exodus, Megadeth, you know what I’m talking about. Add some Crossover / Euro-trash and even some Pantera-alike ideas, and you’ll be very close to the sound of this Indian band. There is not that much that renews at all, but all in all these thirty two minutes have me moving my (pretty and sexy, muscled and circumfluent) body whole the time. Violent Redemption brings nothing original at all; riffs, leads, rhythm section, even the vocals, the solos, the additional whatever, all seems to be done before. …sometimes worse, sometimes better. But since the quality of the individual songs, as well as the sound production, are enormously attractive, one can easily forgive that lack of being renewing.

My thoughts: Chaos are ready. Chaos have the capacities. Chaos just need to stay calm, to focus on their future, to search for an own face. With such attitude, they might reach the top of the worldwide Thrash-scene – they have the capacities, so why not giving them the benefit of doubt with Violent Redemption? Their next album will be recorded and released during the second half of 2015, by the way, so let’s await the progression…

And just for, well, what for actually?... No, there’s a t-shirt available, pretty limited, and apparently almost all have been sold in mean time. So if you’re interested (the t-shirt’s picture, FYI, is inspired by the song Blacklash), then hurry up: Transcending Obscurity India and so on…