Dark Buddha Rising

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Friday, June 7, 2013
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Dark Buddha Rising return with another set of difficult to describe, impossible to label repetitive ambient stripped-down kraut shaman drone doom music. "D" at a mere 12 minutes opens the album, an comparatively smooth guitar line howls away, but instead of the usual explosion of sound one’s come to expect, the music actually drifts into a rather minimalist groove. All of the songs, though much doomier, actually receive the same treatment. The second song “K” enters attacking on a low handed bass riff backed by a meandering vocal almost Buddhist chanting. They have an ability to create a desolate creepy and trance-inducing atmosphere among the monstrous riffs and ambient use of drone sounds. The next "”M pretty much lazily moves right along from the beginning to end with sounds like air, fire, water and earth constantly rushing through fucked up synths. The one-chord magical wonder "H" is a groove inducing marching lumbering rhythm, what a sound, not of this world. "N" and "L" are 15 minute earthshattering pieces that present a slightly variety of meditative but frightening environments. It is very hypnotic the way Dakhmandal flows.