Electric Mary

Album Title: 
The Last Great Hope
Release Date: 
Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Review Type: 

In spring 2015 we can expect a new full length from these southern / sleazy rockers,  until than we will need stay happy with this 5 track EP… and boy happy we are! Electric Mary are  yet again one of those  bands who raise the flag for uncomplicated hard rockin’  mania, as also brought to us by the likes of BLACKSTONE CHERRY, BLACKBERRY SMOKE , SCORPION CHILD …..  From Opening track SWEET MARY  to closer SO CRUEL, these guy’s  are  on fire, ALREADY GONE would be a DEEP PURPLE  classic on any record  they did since PERFECT STRANGERS.  Fear not the demise of  THE BLACK CROWES  or  RAGING SLAB going on hiatus  is what I say ,  as we’ve got ELECTRIC MARY …