Album Title: 
Lost To Eternity
Release Date: 
Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jacob Lizotte is a very young guy who recorded some Metalcore-alike material in early 2015. But he’s the guy behind the new project Feign too, and that has nothing to do at all with that infantile sonic sickness called ‘Metalcore’. Haha…

Lost To Eternity is a demonstrational recording, consisting of three pieces that last in between five and nine minutes. It’s a quite furious and intense yet, at the same time, highly atmospheric and epic journey through worlds of both anger and desolation. The whole is based on different layers of sound, including fast and rhythmic outbursts, highly melodic trem riffing, epic Viking-ish epic (you know, the Nordic-styled kind), Cascadian-influenced atmospheres, classical structures in combination with shoegazing melodies, and several breaks and loops.

Not only the structures and tempo do vary quite a lot; also the vocals (mainly throaty and razor-sharp screams, with, for example, some abyssal grunts), the melodies (from traditional over atmospheric to progressing and amplifying), and the rhythm section are not always the same.

For a demo the sound is quite acceptable, and I think the general result is promising. Feign do need some growth for sure: a better production, more detailed execution etc., but my first impression is quite positive. I do hope that the guy behind this outfit gets the necessary support, both professional and mental (he has mine, for what it’s worth), and then I think a professional studio recording would / could / should open gates that are still forbidden to trespass.