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Friday, February 1, 2013
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I’ve never been disappointed by any of Hate’s former albums, and the good news is: with Solarflesh I won’t be either. The new album by the Polish combo Hate goes on in the very same vein of the past, i.e. technical, slightly experimental Death / Black Metal, ambitious and well-thought. As a matter of fact, Solarflesh is the most logical, evident successor of 2010’s Erebos (means also: less mythical, less Post-oriented – cf. albums like Anaclasis or Morphosis), one of the best Death Metal albums that very same year (at least from Poland). It isn’t a renewing album, although it sounds somewhat refreshing this year. But again, it is a Polish quality-effort, shamelessly dwelling in the same spheres as Vader, Lost Soul, Yattering, and, especially, Behemoth. Personally I am less enthralled by this album than by Erebos, for this one sounds too much alike, too much ‘heard-it-before’. Also the constantly artillery-drum patterns might bother after a while. But then again, Hate comes with a handful of technically outstanding ear-presents, and that’s why we do like this kind of Terror sonics so much, isn’t it?!