Album Title: 
Iron Marsh
Release Date: 
Friday, May 10, 2013
Review Type: 

So Svart’s label heaves themselves upon the occult folk/psych bandwagon and it is a winner. When listening Iron Marsh one it perceives like they expand the barriers of their material , a cunning mixture of psych, folk, medieval, progressive rock and spiritual music whose final result is an unique sound with its unmistakable stamp, and that despite the acoustic guitar presence, the music is not sterile in this area, giving also prominent roles to good ol’ hammond, violin, flute, horns as well as a good range of percussion.

It is difficult to give relating to the reader so that you have an idea of the music of Hexvessel but let us say that if join Richard Thompson and female goddess Jex Thoth with Pink Floyd, Rose Kemp, Trees, Wardruna, In Gowan Ring, probably something would come out similar.

Anyone even slightly into the folk- prog scene should check this one out.