Album Title: 
The Uncreated Demo
Release Date: 
Friday, May 31, 2013
Review Type: 

Despite the title, The Uncreated Demo isn’t just a demonstrational effort by Hod. It’s a real teaser for the upcoming Book Of The Worm album, which will come out later this year (I hope I will have the opportunity to review the stuff, dear website’s Master Chief). I was, for your interest, pleased and surprised by Serpent, which came out at the very end of 2009 (see review posted on March 13th 2010).

VladiBeer Reebs (v; involved with e.g. Rancid Vat and Pillcrusher), Carl ‘Necron’ Snyder (g; of Thornspawn-fame), T.A. (b) and Dennis Sanders (d; also known from e.g. Exulcerate) recorded this material with Solstice’s Dennis Munoz and Stuart ‘Batlord’ Laurence (Ignitor, Thornspawn, Agony Column), and the stuff comes in a very limited edition, i.e. 100 CD-copies and 125 tapes only (but don’t start weeping yet, because I guess most of the material will appear on the forthcoming album).

The new material does not differ from the past. It still is based on old-schooled riffs, with a fierce energy (it might be, in general, somewhat faster than before?), a dense sound and a bleak atmosphere, and despite the lack of originality (the band can’t really be labelled as renewing), the average quality -and that’s what counts- is better than ‘the grey masses’ that we’re plagued with lately. Also the technical skills seem to have improved in one way or another…

Bring on the new stuff!