Immoral Majority

Album Title: 
Exist To Get Pissed
Release Date: 
Monday, March 17, 2014
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Immoral Majority from Portland, Oregon, are one of the most extreme bands. Half of the crew is female, by the way, with one of the most extreme female screamers on earth in its ranks. They released a mini-recording last year (Cut Your Losses) and within the very same vein continues this beautiful collection of lullabies, sweetly entitled Exist To Get Pissed. But after the first listen I knew: these guys and girls indeed are pissed!

There are seventeen ‘tracks’ on the EP with an average duration of one single minute each. All of them contain excerpts taken from movies, with samples you do recognise, and others you won’t have heard of. These mother*cking intros (most of them are used as introduction to the tracks, but there are pieces within the songs too, or used as outro) go well with the muSICK by Immoral Majority, which gets labelled as ‘Fastcore’. I would call it a symbiosis of psychotic no-nonsense Grindcore and nasty, blasting Punk / Hardcore, with some slower passages too. It does not bring anything that thrills, unfortunately, but it does not bore either. Grind-freaks, however, must give it a chance.