Album Title: 
Empire Of Sin
Release Date: 
Friday, January 23, 2015
Review Type: 

Having reviewed other Impera albums in the past, I was surprised when I heard this album. It sounds a tad heavier than I’m used to with Impera.  This is their third album, and if you ask me their best so far.

With skilled musicians like Matti Alfonzetti, who has sung in countless bands since he came on the scene in the mid 80ies, to name but a few of them : Talisman, Jagged Edge, Skintrade) and the ubiquitous Mr. Tommy Denander on guitars, you already have the start of what you might call a supergroup, but there’s also J.K. Impera on drums (Bruce Kulick, Graham Bonnet) and finally mats Vassfjord on bass (Vinnie Vincent, Grand Design). I will not waste much more words on this album.  It’s awesome !  This is Swedish hard rock at it’s best. A must have !